This winter WaterAid – a charity very close to our hearts here at Anglian Water – is asking people to donate to its DelivRichard Boucher's WaterAid trip to Malawi - rural health centreer Life appeal to help mothers and babies without access to clean water.

Another Christmas another appeal, I hear you say. Well from a personal perspective I’ve seen the conditions some women have to deliver their babies into the world, and I was appalled.

On a recent trip to Malawi I visited a remote health clinic where up to three women would give birth in a room with one bed and no running water.  The only light was solar powered as well. So whilst the midwife put on a brave face, they were worried that women would not come to the clinic and stay in their local villages instead with the associated risks of complications.

WaterAid has started to work to improve the situation at this clinic – but there are more that need similar help.

Christmas for many of us is intrinsically linked to the story of the birth of a child. And throughout this festive period our region’s hospital maternity units will be busy as new babies arrive into the world. Thankfully those babies and their mothers will be able to rely on the clean, healthy water we provide –however the same is not true everywhere in the world.

I’ve been able to see the situation in Malawi first hand – please read more about my trip here. But this is just one country – 42% of healthcare facilities in Africa do not have access to water. Every minute, a newborn baby dies from infection caused by a lack of water and an unsafe environment.

Richard Boucher's WaterAid supporters' trip to Malawi - a new well in a rural villageWaterAid is aiming to help 130,000 mums and their families through this appeal by bringing clean water, toilets and proper hygiene to these areas and transforming maternal health.

If we can help Mums across the world bring their children into the world safely then that must be a good thing.  Plus with the Government’s support all donations to this appeal are doubled.

So please do think about what this appeal is trying to achieve.

To find out more, watch a film and make a donation visit our page here.

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