Our Contact Centre staff deal with thousands of calls and emails a day, and some of our customer’s problems require a little more imagination than others. Patricia Pavey contacted us recently after she accidentally dropped an antique whistle – which had belonged to her husband since he was a boy – down a surface water drain in Colchester.
Our contact centre agent got in touch with the team in the area to see if they could help. An initial search didn’t recover the whistle but technician Nick Biggs wasn’t about to give up that quickly. He and as colleague returned with a specialist tool and after sifting through some of the collected mud they retrieved it. After a quick wash they returned it to a very pleased customer.
“Even though the whistle has little or no monetary value, it had enormous sentimental value to my husband,” said Patricia. “He has had that whistle since he was 16 and is now 61. “When I sent the email to Anglian Water, I really never expected that anything would come of it and never expected how much of an effort everyone would put in to get it back. In these troubled times where good news is sometimes lacking, it has really touched me that Anglian Water staff have all done such a lovely job.”

Posted by nshelton