Volunteers are taking to the shoreline of Hunstanton this Saturday (10 June) to launch a new community initiative, called BeachCare.

The project, which is being run by a partnership between Anglian Water and Keep Britain Tidy, encourages people to adopt and look after part of their local shoreline.

Volunteers and community groups will be given all the tools, training and support to carry out regular shoreline clean-ups as well as biodiversity surveys to help their local environment flourish.

Sarah Dobson from Anglian Water said: “Water is vital to our way of life and by working with communities to put water at the heart of our way of living.

“We want to help people understand the connection between what’s in the environment and what comes out of our taps. As part of this we’re keen to work with coastal communities, like Hunstanton, to encourage people to get involved in helping to protect our region’s waterways and shorelines.”

The new group will be holding regular beach cleans along the West Norfolk coastline, along with litter and wildlife surveys to monitor beautiful beaches and marine life.

Lottie Williams, BeachCare programme officer said: “The main conservation theme of this year’s World Oceans Day is the problem of plastic pollution. Hunstanton volunteers will help us to survey the litter on the beach and find out how much of a problem plastic is on the beach.

“Dropping litter, not cleaning up after dogs, even what people put down sinks and toilets, have a huge cumulative impact on our local environment. Coastal communities in particular can be affected by these first-hand, which is why we hope to help make BeachCare a success in the town.

“We’ve got great support from the Hunstanton Sea Life Centre and West Norfolk council so we’re hoping for a great turnout!”

Volunteers will be meeting outside the Sealife Centre in Hunstanton from 10am.

Posted by nshelton