On Saturday (15th November) I fly out to Uganda for the WaterAid supporters trip.

I have been so excited about this trip for the past eight months, telling everyone I meet about WaterAid and why I am going to Uganda. I recently met the other supporters who will be going on the trip. It was reassuring to know they are all really friendly and we are all passionate about the same cause, but it got me thinking about what the trip will entail and whether I’m properly prepared. What if I get ill? Have I got enough malaria protection (tablets, repellent spray, wrist and ankle bands, duct tape to repair a broken mosquito net)? What if I don’t like the food? What if I see a spider and my fiancé isn’t there? What will happen if an insect climbs into my bag? Have I packed enough clothes? Are the clothes I have packed suitable?

So far in preparation I have had 8 injections, picked up my malaria tables, purchased a very large stock of diarrhoea medication and rehydration salts, travel sickness bands and cereal bars. Last year I saw Jason Manford in concert and as I write this on dawns on me these are very much the kind of  ‘first world problems’ he pokes fun at. And he’s right – for all my worries, I know how lucky I am to have access to appropriate vaccinations, the medication or solution.

What I also know is that one in 10 people in the world don’t have access to a safe water supply and that one in three people don’t have access to a safe place to go to the toilet. This is the reason I am going, it’s the reason I fundraise for WaterAid and believe so strongly in their aim that everyone, everywhere will have access to clean safe water and sanitation by 2030!

I’ll be tweeting and blogging throughout the trip, so keep an eye on this blog over the next couple of weeks and follow me @nicolesynan1

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