Written by Paul Thornton, Recruitment Manager at Anglian Water

Me and my team at Anglian Water receive hundreds of applications every week. We recruit for customer service and finance roles to engineering and tanker drivers. We’ve seen some big changes in recruitment over recent years. One of the biggest changes is how online and mobile technology makes it easier to look for and apply for jobs.

There are a few key principles that you should consider when applying for that all important career opportunity. If you follow these key principles then it can increase your chances of being successful.

Personal brand – what does your personal brand say about you? We all have different commercial brands that we like so think about your own brand and how potential employers may see it.

Achievements – don’t just focus on skills and responsibilities of previous employment. Always highlight your key achievements as well. A few stats and figures can help demonstrate this on your CV.

Social footprint – we have seen many cases of people in the public eye having their careers destroyed because of inappropriate comments they made online. It is a good idea to sense check your own social media posts and make sure there isn’t anything inappropriate or offensive just in case your new employers are looking.

Company research – the likelihood is that we all look at reviews and recommendations before buying most things. This shouldn’t be different when choosing a new Company to work for. Take a look at Glassdoor and Indeed reviews and see what employees are saying.

Think quality – just because it’s easier to apply for jobs on your mobile or tablet, only do so if you are 100% happy with your application. You only have one chance to make a good impression so make it count. Take time to make sure you are 100% happy with your CV and application before applying.

There is no doubt that there are more things you should consider. These are just a few that are becoming more important in todays world. Best of luck!

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Posted by Anglian Water