If you run a business, public sector or not-for-profit organisation, then the way you pay for your water bills is about to change.

From April you will be able to choose your water supplier – something that until now only the very biggest users of water have been able to do.

The change affects any company or organisation that would be referred to in water industry jargon as a ‘non-household customer’. That could be a local council, charity, hospital, school, one man band company and even some people who run businesses from their home.

The hope is that the introduction of competition will encourage innovation, drive down prices and improve service.

So how will it work? Much like the energy and telecom sectors already work.

Anglian Water will become a wholesaler, providing water, water recycling and trade effluent services to a number of retailers. It is these retailers that you will be able to choose between and it is your chosen retailer who will send you a bill, read your meter and deal with any queries.

Retailers will compete with each other to offer the best deal and eligible customers can choose which one to buy water and sewerage services from. This competition will allow you to switch retailer, giving you the freedom to find the best supplier to suit your business needs.

Anglian Water will treat all retailers exactly the same. We must – it’s the law.

The part of Anglian Water that currently deals with our non-household customers is Anglian Water Business. From April it will be a completely separate company to Anglian Water Services Ltd.

We will treat them in the same way as any other retailer that enters the new market. They will all receive exactly the same service from us so they are free to compete fairly for your business.

Want to know more? You can find more information about the opening of the market and the benefits to you on the Open Water website.

Our own website also has more information and some Frequently Asked Questions.

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