In this blog debt advisor Rupert Ibbotson shares his experiences of helping customers struggling with their household bills.

Everyday in customer support we see a variety of circumstances which can be especially difficult this time of year. In support of Blue Monday, I want to share with you our customer story to demonstrate how we are able to support all of our customers’ unique circumstances:

We received notification of a customer passing away from their daughter. It is never an easy call to make, especially when you have several bills to address and we aim to make the process as simple, straight forward and understanding as possible.

I was made aware on the call that the customer’s son was now living at the property and as with all of our customers it is essential that we treat his circumstances as unique and see where we can help him.

I opened up a brand new account for him and looked at his circumstances to see what was the best tariff for him. It came to light that he was struggling with a few debts outside of Anglian Water, so I decided the best thing to do was to apply him for our LITE tariff.

The LITE tariff (Low Income Tariff for Eligible households) is something we offer our customers who are unable to afford their ongoing water bills. The assessment for the tariff is done by external experts from the Citizens Advice Bureau which I booked in for the customer. Not only would the LITE tariff take the pressure off of our bills for him but the independent assessors also look at ways to enhance your finances – checking if there are any benefits that you may be eligible for and not yet applied for and can offer advice on other help that is out there when you are struggling financially.

After having the discussion about his external arrears I also recommended a chat with our partners at StepChange Debt Charity. StepChange offer free independent advice on how to manage your debt and can assist with creditors on your behalf.

Each day we will hear from a variety of customers in different circumstances and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We take each individual call as if it were our first of the day and look at how we can support you moving forward with not only your water bill, but other areas you may require help.

I really hope that even on Blue Monday you feel as though you can pick up the phone to me or one of my helpful team members to get the support you need. Call us on 0800 975 55 74.

Posted by Anglian Water