Every day we get the chance to speak to customers from different background with a range of circumstances. It’s mainly customers struggling to manage their payments to Anglian Water and our focus is to find out why? Whether it’s from job loss, terminal illness or financial pressures caused by benefit cuts, we take our time with every customer to help find the most suitable solution

Our agents gather income and household spending to identify areas of support to offer each customer.  We have various options of help from assistance funds to one of our many tariffs, including our newest tariff, the LITE tariff (Low Income Tariff for Eligible Households). LITE can reduce a customer’s bill from anywhere between 20% and 80% with support from the Citizen Advice Bureau who will also complete a benefit check. We offer the Anglian Water Assistance Fund that helps our customers tackle their arrears and get back on their feet.

It doesn’t stop there though, we know that some of customers will not just have debt with Anglian Water and will have other utility debts or credit agreements.  We appreciate it can all cause stress and we’re working closely with organisations like StepChange Debt Charity to support our customers with their day to day living expenses and any other creditors.

We’re doing everything we can to keep in touch with the ever changing financial environment from zero hour contracts to benefit cuts, we’re always looking at the bigger picture.  We’re striving to sort this out at first contact for our customers and we’ll tailor our approach to the customers needs or the style of each situation.

Just recently we helped a customer who suffers from mental health issues.  Not only did we resolve their Anglian Water account, but we helped get a handle on their other arrears.  We spoke to the support worker, with the customer present and worked through the best solution.  From speaking to the customer and listening to his concerns, I grew to understand that his illness meant excessive amounts of bathing.  I knew that he was in receipt of benefits which meant that I could offer our Watersure tariff and instantly save him over £400 a year.  I also made it easier for him to manage his payments by arranging for them to be taken directly from his benefits, with a manageable contribution toward his arrears per month.  By the end of the call, the customer was over the moon with the outcome because he knew that everything was in hand and that a weight has been taken off his shoulders.

Everything we do is focused on our customers, keeping them and what’s best for them at the front of our minds.  If a customer’s avoiding their mail, struggling to pay their bill or just wants to explore the options that are available to them, our friendly and supportive team of specialists are here and ready to help.

* Call the Debt Resolution team on  0800 975 5574 or visit – http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/household/your-account/bills-and-payments/problems-paying/

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