Last week, Anglian Water was visited by Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove MP, as the company demonstrated its industry-leading leakage technology.

Anglian Water, welcomed Michael Gove MP to their Gazeley Water Treatment Works, near Newmarket, last week to showcase their latest innovative technology which is helping them to wage a war on leakage across the East of England

As well as hearing about the unique challenges facing the Anglian region, the Secretary of State was able to see first hand some of the technology Anglian Water is deploying to push the frontier on leakage reduction, including advanced noise loggers, a thermal imaging leakage drone, and keyhole excavation equipment.

Deploying this technology and its efforts on helping customers use less water and investing in long term resilience meant no customers in the Anglian region were impacted during the Beast from the East earlier in the year.

There was no hosepipe ban or water outages during the hot summer in the Anglian region either, meaning it was able to look at assisting others as well as maintaining services to customers. Anglian offered to reduce abstraction in a number of areas to allow farmers to continue crucial crop irrigation, a move praised by the Environment Agency.

Anglian Water’s CEO, Peter Simpson, who was in attendance at last week’s visit, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Secretary of State to Suffolk . This region is the driest in the country, the bread basket of England, and has one of the fastest growing populations. Those challenges require us to be at the forefront of conserving water, and working with others across our region to ensure its prosperity long-term. Our leakage record speaks for itself, as does our track record on collaboration both here and internationally for a better outcome for customers and this region.”

In an interview with the BBC, the Secretary of State, said:

“Here in the Anglian region there are unique pressures that are faced by customers and the water company – this is the driest part of England and it’s also the case that Anglian are the league leaders when it comes to dealing with leaks. I think it’s right that a company like Anglian should be held to account for how it operates, but what I’ve seen here today is a company that’s determined to do better, to invest in the environment and to give consumers what they want, which is an end to the leaks which creates much frustration and environmental damage.”

Last week, Anglian Water also announced a record £6.5 billion investment programme as part of its five-year business plan from 2020 to its regulator, Ofwat.

This proposed investment is nearly 30% bigger than the current business plan and will see a further 22% reduction in leakage taking the company to world leading levels in reducing leakage, as well as a further £630million investment  to make the region resilient to the risks of drought and flooding.

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