An Anglian Water scheme to upgrade to its Morton Crescent and Stepshort Road pumping stations and reduce the risk of flooding in Great Yarmouth has been completed.

The scheme is a £3million investment into a combination of engineering solutions across Bradwell and Belton, including the construction of underground storm water storage, a new foul sewer, and various other upgrades and modifications to the sewer network to reduce the risk of flooding, and at the same time enable sustainable growth in the local area.

Regan Harris from Anglian Water said: “Historically, flooding in this area has been a real issue, especially during periods of heavy rainfall.  We know how upsetting flooding can be, which is why we’ve invested in this area to vastly reduce this risk of it happening again in the future.”

Nearly 4km of brand new sewer pipe has been installed, to take away sewage from the area and reduce the amount of used water passing through the Morton Crescent Pumping Station at the same time.

Alongside the new sewer, a large underground storage facility has been installed to better manage the flow of used water, particularly in times of extreme rainfall.  The storage tank can hold any excess water in the pipe network until there is enough capacity for it to be taken away and treated.

Finally, the new pumping station on the current site on Stepshort Road, Belton will also further reduce the risk of flooding by pumping used water away for it to be treated, before returning it to the environment.

Regan continued: “We’d like to thank local residents for their patience while we’ve completed this vital work. Together these upgrades will reduce risk of flooding, and make room for growth in the future at the same time.”


Posted by Anglian Water