We’re changing the way we charge Developer, Self Lay Provider (SLP) and  New Appointments and Variations (NAV) customers for connecting new homes – and we’re aiming to support them to create more water efficient communities.

We have now published our second Developer (new connections) charging consultation – and we want to hear what developers think.

In December 2016, Ofwat published the final rules for Developer charging, which are due to come into effect from April 2018. We consider that these rules present an opportunity to make a step change in the approach to Developer charging, which will promote clearer and more transparent charges for our Developer, SLP and NAV customers and help to promote sustainable growth in the region.

Iain Amis, Head of Developer Services, said: “A key aspect of these plans is the discount we are offering to Developers who build houses which encourages home owners to use less water. The average consumption per person per day is around 125 litres.

“If a new home uses innovative technology such as rainwater harvesting and water efficient showers, which help the occupants to reduce their consumption to 100 litres a day, then we will discount the infrastructure charges for that connection. Currently, that means a discount of £722 per connection for dual service areas.”

“We have been at the forefront of the charging rules development and fully support reform in this area. This second consultation document sets out in further detail, our proposals for the new Developer charging arrangements. This document builds on our significant work in this area, including our initial consultation published in February and two engagement events held throughout 2017.”

As well as the opportunity to provide our customers with clearer and more transparent charges, we are also excited by the opportunities that the new charges present to encourage sustainability and water efficiency. Our proposals talk in detail about how we would like to incentivise water efficiency in new developments through our new charging regime.

For further information on our proposals, please see our follow up consultation document, published on our website here – http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/developers/charges/

We encourage your feedback on the consultation and welcome any comments before 30th November. You can use our dedicated mailbox to send through your feedback – developercharging@anglianwater.co.uk.

Posted by Anglian Water