Anglian Water invites residents of Newmarket to visit its pop up shop to start saving on their water bills now

Anglian Water’s Smarter Drop Shop is opening its doors for the first time at 12pm on Friday 1 December and local customers are being invited along to find out how they can be water savvy savers as part of the water company’s unique campaign for Newmarket.

Located on the High Street,  the shop is the realisation of Anglian Water’s innovative ’Shop Window’ project; which will create the ‘water network of the future’ by trialing the latest water efficient technology with customers in the town with the aim of reducing water consumption to just 80 litres each a day.

Emma Staples from Anglian Water said:  “We know the people in Newmarket are some of the savviest savers around, that’s why our Smarter Drop campaign is aiming to make Newmarket the water saving capital of the UK.

“Over the next 12 months we are going to bring amazing innovations and share exciting ideas with Newmarket to help make water services smarter for generation to come. And save customers cash too! Newmarket will become the Shop Window for all our new products and services.

“Innovation will be applied across the man-made water cycle, for example we’ll be asking how could we get to do we minimise zero leaks? How do we get to just 80litres per person per day consumption? How could we help protect the quality of our rivers and wildlife without more treatment and chemicals that are expensive for customer bills?  How do we prevent flooding?  These aren’t easy questions to solve, but we’re working hard to get there.

“Our goal is to help each household save up to £120 a year by reducing their water usage to 80 litres each a day- that’s why we want everyone to come and visit us in the Smarter Drop Shop, to find out more and start saving!”

The shop will be open from midday on 1 December offering kids activities, refreshments, money saving freebies and a fun photo-booth.  For a full list of the dates and times the shop will be open visit

Activities at the shop will include:

WATER SAVING HACKS: Tips, advice and ideas to help residents save money by saving water

FREE INNOVATION: Free tools and devices residents can collect or order to help better manage their water usage (e.g.: shower timers, water saving showerheads, dual flush converters and a hosepipe gun)

COMPETITION AND WATER EFFICIENCY CHALLENGE: Residents can sign-up to a water efficiency challenge for a chance to win a weekly £20 gift card

KIDS ACTIVITIES: Free fun activities for kids, including Christmas decoration-making with a water theme

FUN PHOTO BOOTH PLEDGE: A fun photo both full of props to mark Smarter Drop campaign pledges

FACE TO FACE ADVICE: Residents can meet Anglian Water staff and address specific water problems or money-saving questions face to face

The Smarter Drop Shop will be promoted across the town, including at the Guineas Shopping Centre with a ‘water magician’ performing from 11am – 4pm on the 2nd, 9th, 15th and 16th December.


Posted by Anglian Water