The UK is currently baking with temperatures reaching 33C. The warm weather is perfect for topping up on vitamin D and turning our pale legs brown, but this type of weather can also impact water consumption with more showers needed to cool down and paddling pools constantly being topped up. So what are the best gadgets out there for helping us save drops?

Monitoring water usage is a great way to help us save and this can be done in various different ways, such as in the bathroom through shower timers which challenge us to cut down on the time we spend in the shower and tap inserts as well as water wise shower heads which can be used to regulate the water flow to just 8 litres per minute, compared to the standard 15 litres.

If you have a power shower you may be using more water than the average shower user – try turning down the power setting on your shower or opt for the eco setting to save litres.

Water displacement bags can reduce the amount of water used per flush by 1 litre and are an easy maintenance free device fitted to your toilet to reduce water consumption, particularly in a busy household.

Managing your garden in extreme heats can also be challenging with the sun beating down on your lawn and flowers looking worse for wear, but gardening late at night rather than in the heat of the day is a good tip, as it can prevent water evaporating to quickly and reduces the chances of your plants dying. Water sticks/moisture sticks can assist you to find the perfect time to water your plants and prevent over watering.  Water saving crystals are another gardening essential and can be sprinkled into plant pots to help reduce the need for frequent watering.

Although water butts may be standing empty due to the little rainfall, it essential to have in place ready for the next downfall. They can also be used to store water such as from your paddling pool and remaining water from washing or from baths.

If your paddling pool remains a prominent feature in your garden, water safety sachets may be useful, as they act as both analgaecide and bactericide to keep your paddling pool water clean and healthy to prevent you having to empty and refill.

Waterless car cleaning kits have grown in popularity over recent years and are ideal for keep your wheels sparkling clean without the need for water.

The BabyDam bath barrier is a great product for mums and dads with little ones which works by reducing the need to fill a whole bath.

Posted by Anglian Water