Last week (14 December) marked the official opening of Hartlepool Water’s new multi-million pound water treatment scheme which will enhance the treatment of the water for the town and ensure a secure water supply for generations to come.

Chief Executive of Hartlepool Water, Peter Simpson, and MP for Hartlepool, Mike Hill, officially opened the new site to mark the completion of one of the biggest infrastructure projects the town has seen in recent years.

The £6.4million scheme involved the installation of a state of the art filtration system at the company’s site at Dalton Piercy and forms part of a wider £9million investment since 2015 which has also seen a seen a new pumping station and 5km pipeline installed to supply Wynyard.

The new filtration plant helps to remove trace elements from the raw water pumped from nearby boreholes and underground aquifers.

Planning for the scheme began in June 2016 and the site was fully operational in April this year.

Kevin Ensell, Hartlepool Water’s Strategic Operations Manager, said: “This scheme will keep taps running in Hartlepool with the highest quality drinking water now and for years to come. The new water treatment works will process up to 32 million litres of water a day which is equivalent to 400,000 baths.

“We’re planning decades into the future with this work. Our five-year plan from 2020 will see a further £22m investment for Hartlepool. This will include £1million to increase the resilience of our water supply between the Dalton Piercy treatment works and our Throston water storage tank. This will reduce the risk of burst pipes and supply interruptions for customers in the northern part of Hartlepool and outlying villages.”


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Posted by Anglian Water