Anglian Water’s new van designs show how fats and unflushables can create monsters in your sewer 

Anglian Water has unveiled its brand new water recycling vans, complete with monsters that might be lurking in your sewer if you pour fat down the sink or flush wet wipes down the loo.

The new monsters will be appearing on Anglian Water’s vans over the coming months and have been created by the Marine Conservation Society as part of their “Unflushables” campaign, with the support of Anglian Water.

The vans were unveiled by Thérèse Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs at Nacton Church of England Primary School.

Every year Anglian Water staff clear thousands of blockages from the region’s pipes. There are more than 30,000 blockages a year in this region – 80% of which are caused by wipes and fats. This adds £15million a year on to customers’ bills.

If fat ends up down the sink it can cause a major headache. It sets hard in the pipe and mixes with other ‘unflushables’ such as baby wipes and cotton buds, causing blockages.

This can not only cause problems at home, but clogged sewer pipes can cause unpleasant smells, flooding of untreated sewage into homes, gardens, streets and even end up in rivers, the sea and on beaches.

Rachel Dyson, Anglian Water’s Keep It Clear Programme Manager said: “We are extremely grateful Therese Coffey MP took the time to unveil our brand new vans. We have worked closely with the Marine Conservation Society to create comical monsters that carry an important message.

“It is easy to not give a second thought to what happens to something after you flush it down the loo or pour something down the sink. But by bringing to life the monsters that might be lurking just metres beneath your feet we hope our customers will think before they flush and not use their toilet as a rubbish bin for disposing of wet wipes, nappies and cotton buds.

“Sewer blockages can be a real headache for customers, causing flooding to homes and gardens, even the environment. The vast majority of these blockages can be prevented by making sure you only flush the 3 P’s (Pee, Poo and Paper) and allow cooking fats and oils to cool before putting them in the bin or recycling them rather than pouring them down the sink.”

Chris Tuckett, Director of Programme for the Marine Conservation Society said: “We’re delighted to see the monsters in action all around the area showing that what you do in the bathroom or kitchen can help prevent nasty cases of blocked sewers and spills”

Rachel Wyatt, Marine Conservation Society’s Water Quality Programme Manager added: “We work to keep our coasts and seas clean, and our ‘unflushables’ campaign is designed to make sure that all of us – as customers of water companies like Anglian – play our part in avoiding unnecessary and unpleasant sewage problems.”

Posted by Anglian Water