The Anglian Water Bus is making its way around our region – we have already met thousands of customers and we’ve got plenty more to meet in the coming days.

The Bus features lots of interactive games and displays, you can test water and discover how we operate a network suppying millions of people as well as looking into the future to see how we will be using water in decades to come. Our teams have been hearing all the ways people save water in their homes – there’s been plenty of water efficiency heroes on board who use water butts, save used bathwater for use in their garden and are sticklers for turning off the taps while brushing their teeth. Thanks guys!

Below are the remaining dates for the regional tour, and we’re hoping to add more soon. But first here’s a video we made at the Norfolk Show. It was a wet day at the show – perfect for learning all about water!

July 7: Riverhead Square, Grimsby
July 8 & 9: Country Show, Elveden
July 11: Queen Mary Centre & Thomas Clarkson Academy, Wisbech
July 12: Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire
July 13: Market Square, Northampton
July 14: Marlborough Square, Milton Keynes

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