Anglian Water is urging people to take extra care to make sure they’re protected from bogus callers.

The advice comes as the longer, warmer summer evenings mean the number of attempted break-ins to business locations, like Anglian Water sites, generally increases.

The water company works hard to prevent these intruders, thefts and invest in tighter security but they are still targets for crime.

Recently Anglian Water branded clothing was stolen, hence the need for extra vigilance.

The water company is asking local communities to be vigilant and carefully inspect ID cards of any doorstep callers.

Sarah Dobson from Anglian Water said: “Unfortunately we hear of cases of people targeting vulnerable or elderly customers. Criminals know Anglian Water staff are often trusted by homeowners and local communities and need access to people’s homes. Sometimes they impersonate genuine Anglian Water employees, but there are usually some tell-tale signs that something isn’t quite right, such as arriving with no Anglian Water van in sight, hurrying you or being aggressive.

“We want all of our customers to feel safe in their own home which is why it’s important they know what to expect from a real Anglian Water employee.

“Even if you don’t think you are at risk of such a crime, please help share this message with a friend, relative or neighbour who might be more vulnerable.”

Top tips for staying safe
• A genuine Anglian Water member of staff will always carry an ID card.
• If you are unsure of a person’s identity alert the police or call 0800 145 145. Our call centre team will be able to describe the person to you and confirm they are a genuine employee.
• Most Anglian Water staff will arrive in Anglian Water branded vans.
• Anglian Water staff would never force their way into someone’s home.

“From time to time we do make unplanned visits to customers, to take water samples and carry out other checks. However, they will always be willing to wait and let you confirm they are who they say they are. We would never force our way into a person’s home.

“All of our employees carry identification and will happily hand it to you while you check it. Calling our Freephone number 0800 145145 at any time of day will put you through to a member of our team who’ll be able to describe the person to you and confirm they are a genuine employee.

“If in any doubt we urge customers to check with us and not be pressured into letting someone into their home.”

Customers in any doubt should close the door and phone Anglian Water, for free, on 0800 145145 or alert the police.

Watch our video for more on protecting yourself from bogus callers.

Posted by nshelton