We invited Anglian Water apprentice Lewis Mills to write us a guest blog about his experiences. If you’re inspired by his story and want to find out more visit www.anglianwatercareers.co.uk/trainees

I’m an Anglian Water apprentice and I’m currently in the first year of my four year maintenance technician apprenticeship. Before I was successful in getting the apprenticeship, I was at sixth form and knew that when it came down to getting a job, I wanted to work in engineering, but didn’t know what type of engineering I wanted to work in. However, when I saw the Anglian Water maintenance technician apprenticeship advertised, I immediately knew that I wanted it!

The recruitment process was relatively straightforward, compared to other companies. After sending in my CV, I then completed a few engineering based online tests and after being successful with this, I got a call to go to an interview with the manager of the regional patch that I was applying for. The interview went really well and I was then invited to go to the assessment day where I faced individual and group engineering-based tasks and activities. After this final stage, I then received a call from the HR team and was offered the job.

Of course, I accepted the job offer and it is the biggest achievement of my life to date. At the moment, myself and the other 14 first year apprentices are all at Grantham college on a full-time basis, although family and friends that are back home are missed during the week, we all have a good laugh and a lot of fun at college. It’s a really good experience where you not only gain a lot of independence but you also gain some really good new friends as well that help you and offer you support along the way. Of course you can also see family and friends at home at the weekend.

During the college half terms, we all go home and work on our regional patches with our teams that we will be working with when we are all fully qualified. The work is really enjoyable and all apprentices are given a mentor to work with, you work with your mentor all of the time and they are always there to help and guide you whenever you are in need. Other than your mentor, all the other members of the team are also really supportive and will always help you out in any way that they possibly can. The work that you do as a maintenance technician apprentice is also very important and very satisfying and, although the work is serious, there are always times when you have good fun and a good laugh amongst the team.

Not only does Anglian Water offer you an apprenticeship where you can learn so many new skills whilst earning a really good wage, but they also offer you as an employee so many fantastic employee benefits, that other companies simply do not offer. The equipment that you will be provided with as an apprentice is excellent and the support that you will receive is top class, whenever I have had any questions or have needed support with anything; there has always been someone there to help me, no matter what.

I am really enjoying my apprenticeship and would highly recommend anyone to work for Anglian Water as an apprentice, so if you’re reading this and you’re interested, I wish you the best of luck with getting an apprenticeship with us!

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