Blog post by Paul Valleley, Director of Water Services

Water is vital for life, our economy, our environment and also our enjoyment, so we are continually looking to the future to make sure we have enough to go around for both today and tomorrow.

We get much less rain in this region compared to the rest of the UK, which is why we have been determined to cut leakage for a long time. We’re already the best in the industry; Our leakage is half that of the rest of the UK and we’re way ahead of our Ofwat targets – but we’re not sitting still. We plan to invest millions of pounds more to reduce leakage even further and we’re exploring innovative technologies, like robots and drones, to do that.

Our ambitious draft Water Resources Management plan sets out how we make the best use of the water we already have, and the changes we need to make to help guard against the impacts of severe droughts and climate change in the future. This plan represents millions of pounds of investment, including things like:

  • Reducing the amount of water we take from sensitive natural environments. A state-of-the-art £32million scheme in Norwich has been completed to protect the sensitive environment in the River Wensum in Costessey and will be a benchmark for future schemes.
  • Investing £500million so we can move water around our region to where it is needed most.
  • Investing £50million more to cut leakage by a further 23% by 2025. This will take Anglian Water to a world-leading low level of leakage.
  • Working with the big water users in this region to plan 100 years into the future. We formed Water Resources East, which includes agriculture, big industry, water companies and organisations like the Internal Drainage Board to discover how to make best use of the water we have long term.
  • Helping customers. We’ll be investing £21million to bring our customers on this journey with us and help them save up to 30million litres of water a day by using simple water saving initiatives like smart meters and water saving products in the home.

Finding and fixing leaks

Customers in the East of England are already doing well on being water smart compared to other parts of the UK, using just 133litres per person per day, compared to the national average of 140litres. What’s exciting is we’ve already proved customers can get as low as 80litres each per day in our innovative pilot project in Newmarket, Suffolk.  With more in-home technology and advice, for example on what white goods are best buys for saving water, we hope to help more customers save water and money in this way.

Because we operate in the driest region in the country, conserving and managing our water resources to serve customers and balance the needs of the environment is what we do everyday. As a result of our determination and focus on water resources over many years, we put less water into supply today than we did three decades ago despite serving millions more (34%) homes. That simply wouldn’t have been possible without stopping more leaks than ever before, exploring new technologies to help us, working with partners and encouraging customers to come on the journey with us and become more water efficient too.

Posted by Anglian Water