Anglian Water’s Dr. Robin Price shares his tips for keeping tap water in top condition

Homeowners and businesses across the region are being urged to make sure their tap water is kept in top condition this summer.

Anglian Water’s Head of Water Quality, Dr. Robin Price said: “Each year, Anglian Water receives thousands of calls about odd tastes and smells from tap water, the sources of which are most often in customers’ homes.

“Things inside the home, like kettles, dirty tap heads, white goods and poor plumbing can have an impact on the quality of your tap water. But there are some really quick and simple things you can do around the home to prevent this.”

Here are Robin’s top tips for keeping your water healthy this summer.

Why does my water taste musty after getting back from holiday?

  • This is usually because the water in the pipes has been sitting there while you’ve been away and your taps haven’t been run. Run the tap for a short time to flush the system before drinking it – you’ll know you’ve flushed enough when the water goes colder – you can collect this water in a bowl and use it to water the plants, so it’s not wasted.
  • Turn your water off at the stop-tap before you go on holiday. This is beneficial in winter too, as it can prevent frozen pipes bursting and flooding homes.

My water tastes ‘medicinal’ or like TCP – what is this?

  • The most common cause of this taste is the hose on the back of white goods such as your dishwasher or washing machine. If the blue hose is connected directly to the pipework under your sink, make sure there’s a small non return valve fitted to stop water from the hose being drawn in when you turn on the tap.  We’ll send you one for free – go to our website at, and ask Amanda!
  • This taste can also be caused by certain types of kettles when they’re new. To check this, make yourself a hot drink with water boiled in a saucepan – if that tastes better, you’ll know that your kettle is the problem.

Cloudy water

  • This is normally caused by air bubbles and is completely harmless. It can happen when hot and cold pipes are too close together, so insulating your hot pipes will definitely help.
  • Cloudy or discoloured water can also be caused by a burst water main once we’ve repaired it. You can find out about any interruptions to your water supply or any on-going work in your area by visiting You can also sign up for text and phone alerts too.

Can you recommend a plumber?

  • Absolutely – we’d love to! None of us would let just anybody work on our electricity or gas systems in our homes – and your water supply should be no exception!  Always use a ‘WaterSafe’ plumber, particularly for any major plumbing work or complex jobs. WaterSafe plumbers are qualified professionals and members of an approved scheme managed by water companies. Details of WaterSafe plumbers in your area can be found on

Don’t forget your taps!

  • We’re all used to cleaning the work surfaces and floors in our kitchens, but how many of us remember to thoroughly clean the end of the tap – the point where we take a drink from?  While invisible to the naked eye, washing hands or raw meat at the sink and letting pets drink out of taps can allow bacteria to grow in the tap head, so regularly disinfecting the tap head with a bleach solution or other household cleaner in an upturned bottle cap keeps bugs at bay.

 How can I find out more?

Anglian Water has released a number of handy tips, advice and how-to videos, available at




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