A guest blog from Lewis Mills, one of our apprentices, as part of National Apprentice Week 2017

I’m an Anglian Water apprentice, now in the second year of my four year Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship. I’ve been very busy in second year and have learnt so much in such a small period of time. There’s a lot to learn and I’m still finding the job a real challenge, which is something I really enjoy about the apprenticeship.

All the second year apprentices are attending Grantham College on a part-time basis; we stay at the college for one week out of every four. The other three weeks are spent working back in our regional work patches, where we work closely with our mentor and the rest of the team to get on-the-job training and experience.

This year at college I’ve been completing higher level qualifications and have learnt valuable new practical skills and theory, which are so important. It gives me  a better understanding of the expert technical equipment used by Anglian Water, as well as the theory behind how the equipment works and know-how on how to repair and maintain them.

I enjoy my studies at the college, I made some great friends last year and it gives us the opportunity to catch-up and have a laugh. I still really enjoy working on my regional patch; I’m noticing that I’m becoming more competent and confident when working with the team or on my own, which is very rewarding and shows all my hard work is paying off. I recently became the proud owner of my own Anglian Water works van and new set of high quality tools, which is fantastic because I feel like a real member of the team with independence and responsibility. It’s also a good feeling to know you’re trusted by your manager to drive the van and use your tools appropriately when needed.

This year I’ve also come to understand just how varied the job really is. and most of the time you find yourself working in a different part of your patch that you’ve never visited before. This is one of the aspects of the apprenticeship that I’m really enjoying because it keeps the job very interesting and working on different pieces of equipment every day really keeps your brain ticking!

I’ve definitely got my independence this year, but it’s good know there’s still so much support and whenever I have a question there’s always someone there to help me. My wage is also increased every year and there are  fantastic new employee benefits. I am still really enjoying working  in the maintenance team at Anglian Water and I’m really looking forward to the next two years of my apprenticeship!

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