Anglian Water lights up landmark water tower to mark the completion of renovation work

Popular Lincolnshire land mark Chatterton Water Tower in Spalding will be lit up this Friday night (3 Nov) to mark the completion of its recent renovation by Anglian Water.

It has taken six months to completely repaint the 4000m2 surface of the tower, using 10,000 litres of paint and 3500m2 of wrapping to protect the surrounding buildings from paint droplets.

Chatterton Tower is one of nine water towers in the East Lincolnshire area, and one of hundreds across the Anglian Water region.  But few are local landmarks right in the centre of town.

The water tower keeps taps flowing by providing a steady, secure store of clean drinking water for 22,000 properties in Spalding and the surrounding rural area.  It can hold 3,400,000 litres of water which it pumps to nearby homes and businesses at a rate of 60 litres per second. It’s an essential part of the water supply network, providing both water storage and pressure for customers.

Anglian Water promised to carry out the work to renovate the landmark after discussions with South Holland District Council back in 2015, and the project is now completed.

Regan Harris from Anglian Water said: “We knew this project was important to the people of Spalding and we listened to what they had to say.  We’re excited the project has now been completed and the tower has been restored to its former glory.  To mark the occasion we’ll be lighting the building up from dusk on Friday for the local community to see.”


Posted by Anglian Water