The filters came in on the back of a lorry and they were fitted together like Lego,” says engineering project manager Alison Taylor describing the construction of our newest water recycling plant.

Chalton works in Bedfordshire is now the biggest sand filtration unit in Europe and was designed in response to a big challenge. The works takes half of Luton’s sewage, however the nearby Flitwick Moor is a sensitive wildlife site and the water needs to be treated to a very high standard to remove ammonia.

 We also wanted to reduce disruption as much as possible to nearby residents during construction. We brought in Colloide Engineering Services who came up with a solution which saw 30 huge, ready made filters being shipped in and put together on site with cranes. This meant we spent half the time on site building the project as it would normally take, with a much smaller carbon footprint.


Thanks to everyone involved in this project – and a special thanks to Rocky the newt sniffing dog who made it possible in the first place – learn about Rocky’s story below.

Posted by Anglian Water