We work hard to get clean, healthy water to your home, and to remove and treat used water. We believe that the bill for your water and sewerage service is great value for money, but we also understand that household budgets can sometimes be difficult to balance.

There are ways to reduce your water bill – some are available to everyone and others for certain groups.

The best way to save money – and water – is to get a meter installed. A meter measures the water you use, so you only pay for what you use. On average people who switch to a water meter save around £100 a year. If you don’t already have a water meter click here to find out how you can get one http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/household/water-meters/

If you already have a meter then there are lots of ways you can cut down on your water use, and cut down your bill. Showers are one of the biggest users of water in our homes, so why not try and cut down by showering for the length of a pop song? And because you are using heated water you’ll save money on your energy bill as well. Knocking 2 minutes off your shower time can save you up to £44 on your water and energy bills.

To find out other ways of saving water in your home and garden visit our Drop 20 webpage – www.anglianwater.co.uk/drop20

There are different tariffs available for customers in certain circumstances. LITE (Low Income Tariff for Eligible Households) has been designed to support people with low disposable income who may be struggling to afford their water bill. Applications are independently assessed by the Citizens Advice Bureau, and a discount of up to 80% is available.

The AquaCare Plus and Watersure tariffs are for metered homes who may experience particular hardship and need to use large amounts of water for medical reasons.

To find out more about these tariffs and whether they may apply to your household visit the webpage here – http://www.anglianwater.co.uk/household/your-account/bills-and-payments/tariffs/


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