As bleak Blue Monday hits, Anglian Water is urging people who regularly struggle to pay their bills to apply for their discounted tariff, LITE.

Earlier this month the charity National Debtline announced that 16 per cent of Britons say they are likely to fall behind on their finances this January. This equates to around 7.9million people across the country.

The month after Christmas is the hardest time of year for those who are already carefully juggling their personal finances and Anglian Water knows some of its customers may need an extra helping hand to pay their water bills. The company’s special tariff called LITE has been specifically designed to help those that spend a large proportion of their income on bills and housing costs.

Around 70% of the people who are on the Anglian Water LITE tariff receive the maximum 80 per cent discount, and save on average £280 per year.

Regan Harris from Anglian Water said: “We’ve doubled the amount of money for our LITE tariff to help more customers than ever before.

“Compared to other utilities and household bills, water is relatively cheap at around £1.15 a day. It’s often therefore seen as a low priority bill, and by not making regular payments people can quickly fall into debt, which can affect their credit score. We want to help people avoid that happening.  If you are having difficulty paying your water bill, please get in touch with us. We have a dedicated team on hand to help make arrangements, either by setting up a payment plan at a price you can regularly afford or by making the initial application for our LITE tariff.

“Those who qualify for LITE can get their water bill reduced by up to 80 per cent. This discount is applied automatically after your application has been approved.

“The tariff is independently assessed by experts to ensure customers are on the right tariff and discount to best help them. They also give advice on other support and benefits you may be entitled to.”

Customers who think they might be eligible or are concerned they might struggle to pay their water bill can call: 0800 169 3630. Phone lines are open Monday to Saturday. Customers can also apply for LITE on Anglian Water’s website by visiting:

Posted by Anglian Water