You’re sure to see a few ghostly goings-on this Hallowe’en as trick or treaters take to the streets. But Anglian Water staff in Benfleet are preparing for a real haunting this Hallowe’en.

It is thought that ghoulish Viking and Saxon spirits from the 11th century Battle of Benfleet have taken a liking to Anglian Water’s water recycling technology in the past.

Back in the day, before modern technology and alarm systems, Benfleet water recycling had to be manned 24 hours day.

One cold October night, two operators were on duty, monitoring the site. They jumped out of their skins, when, all of sudden, their large tractor was revving its engine, with all its lights blazing against the dark autumn sky. They rushed outside but there was no one about or in the tractor – it was three in the morning!

There were no keys in the tractor’s ignition and they had to get the only set of keys – which were still hanging in the staff room – to switch the engine off.

About three months later, they were woken again, to find what seemed light headlights blazing through the window and reflecting on the wall. When they went outside there was nothing, no car, no tractor or any vehicle which could have shone its headlights through the window.

It has been suggested the works is actually built close to the site of the 11th century Battle of Benfleet.

The works is still fairly isolated today and to this day staff are nervous to go to the site at night during Hallowe’en in case the spirits of the Battle of Benfleet warriors reappear.

Posted by Anglian Water