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It’s that time of year again, where gardeners all over the country are blowing the cobwebs off their lawnmower, checking their stashed garden gloves for secret spiders and trying to find the long abandoned trowel! The ever-growing grass and long warm days cause many us to embrace our gardens once again, but are often left scratching our heads, wondering what exactly we’re going to do with it this year?

Like many people my grand plans often remain just that, grand plans, but I’ve been grabbing the bull by the horns and doing my best to practice what I preach. Buglife are encouraging people to make a #PollinatorPledge through Twitter this year, whether it is a commitment to leaving some areas of grass uncut to allow wildflowers a chance to shine, creating bug homes for solitary bees or planting bug friendly garden plants. I’ve been busily planting fruit trees to hopefully provide spring forage for bees for many years to come!

But why stop there? Buglife and Anglian Water have teamed up as part of the Anglian Water’s Buzzing project to create an exciting Buzzing Business Pack. We’re trying to get businesses all over the country to take their enthusiasm for creating wildlife gardens to the workplace. So many of us work somewhere with a mown grass area or paved area, whether it is visible to the public or just for staff to go and sit during breaks. This spring, why not try to make your workplace a better place to be and help to create a peaceful, wildlife haven that will make your breaks more fun, while also giving our precious bugs a break from the concrete covered city centre?

It doesn’t have to be expensive or a chore to make a real difference for wildlife. It can also be a lot of fun if you get a group of your colleagues together to plant some bug friendly plants in containers, help to sow a meadow or even just put together some hanging baskets with drought tolerant plants. Though my favourite idea (for those lucky enough to have the space) is to plant fruit trees or shrubs, so that in a couple of years you’ll be able to take it in turns to bake treats for everyone using your own fruit! Just imagine turning up to work in the morning knowing that someone you work with is due to bring in an apple crumble or a pear tart!

Of course, there are other reasons why we’re trying to get businesses buzzing across the country. The hard and sad facts are that even with charities such as Buglife and companies such as Anglian Water all doing our bit, bugs are having a hard time. They need our help: half of the UK’s bumblebees are in decline, as well as two-thirds of our moths and over 70% of our butterflies. It would be a sad world if we let this continue. By helping to create a wildlife-rich area alive with bugs, businesses will proudly be able to stand up and say they’re doing their bit for local wildlife!

Why not download the Buzzing Business Pack from the Buglife website. And don’t forget to let us know how you get on through Twitter

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