Engineers from Anglian Water and its partner, Clancy Docwra, are working to repair a large, important water main that serves Cranfield and the surrounding area.

The recent dry weather has caused the clay-based earth to dry and shrink. This ground movement around the pipe has caused the pipe to flex and a burst to occur on one an elbow as the pipe turns a corner.

Two over-ground pipes have been installed to keep customers in the area on water, although they may be experiencing low pressure – particularly at peak times like dinner time.

Bob Stokes, Network Support Manager for Anglian Water in Bedfordshire said: “We’re really sorry that customers may have low water pressure this evening. We’ll be working into the night to get this fixed and won’t stop until things are back to normal.

“Customers may notice the water is cloudy or white. This is quite common when there is a loss of pressure like this.  Running the tap should clear it, and the water is fine to be used to water plants. The cloudiness is simply millions of tiny air bubbles trapped in the water that give a white appearance.”

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